ABJJ (Anchorage Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)

03/09/2013 2013 Alaska BJJ State Championships

03/09/2013 2013 Alaska BJJ State Championships


We are proud to say, another 1st place for ABJJ team (Kids and Adults).  Our Redemption brothers took 2nd and Gracie Barra Alaska 3rd.  Congratulations to all the students that competed.  Great display of talents by all the participants.  Visit Alaska State BJJ Federation Wedsite for the results.  www.asbjjf.com 



2 Responses to "03/09/2013 2013 Alaska BJJ State Championships"
  • Jock On 24/11/2014 @ 02:39 AM

    Wowza, problem solved like it never hadeenpp.

  • Lola On 26/2/2015 @ 06:35 AM

    I’m so excited! I uualsly have to work, so this is going to be my first Girls in Gis event. I’m really looking forward to finally meeting everyone face to face. As far as the publicizing, all the credit goes to Pam and Jeff. Oh BTW, you have a much larger audience than I do so feel free to copy and repost Jeff’s welcome letter.Back to Pam, she has become a major driving force behind The Revolution Women’s BJJ program. She’s like a chearleader, motivational speaker, and den mother all rolled into one. I’m really grateful and admire all of her efforts to make this program work.Can’t wait to see you,Jodi

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