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09/12/2013 Gi Donation Program

09/12/2013 Gi Donation Program

Hello Students, We are looking for those gently used gi’s you no longer want or can use, regardless of age or size.  We’ll be starting up a gi donation and exchange program soon and we would love to take them off your hands.  Our goal is to be an additional resource for students and their families when it comes to their gi wardrobe needs.  We are paying it forward.  

For more information contact Christine Spadafore (907) 250-0454



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  • Sunubatha On 24/11/2014 @ 06:25 PM

    Ho we hold monthly barn sales each 3rd wekneed of the month fri-sun 10-5pm. The old dairy barn is stocked with vintage furniture that has been refreshed along with gift items and tons home deco accents. You can find out more at . The address is 4051 stanford ct frederick md.

  • Sylina On 28/2/2015 @ 08:07 AM

    proper terminology is not just seiantmcs. Judo does not fall under the umbrella of Ju Jutsu, Judo is not a Jutsu it is a Gendai. Jutsu arts are not sports, they are meant to kill or maim and are trained for those purposes. Judo for example was designed to be a sport that allows partners to fully resist each others attacks with the thought of always having safety and mutual respect. So dont confuse yourself by thinking seiantmcs is the only difference.

  • Deric On 01/4/2015 @ 07:35 AM

    Hi Anette! :-)Just had a look at some of your pictures from last days :-)Coincidentally a copule of weeks ago I got a cold when I returned from London. For me personally it always starts with a sore throat then the following night the sore throat goes and sneezing and blocked up nose take over as well as feeling ill. Luckily though I had 4 days remaining of my annual leave so when I returned to work I was over the worst of it.I never buy souvineirs whenever I go to London. Instead I always seem to return with some germs or virus of some sort :-)I’ve read some of the previous comments about you been in hospital. Hope you’re ok :-)Have a nice evening Anette! 🙂

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