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2014 Kids BJJ Worlds

2014 Kids BJJ Worlds

Congratulations to Joshua Bouvier for taking Silver Medal at Gi and No Gi at Kids BJJ Worlds

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  • Lisandro On 24/11/2014 @ 03:11 AM

    Good stuff Chris! It’s been a pleasure to be part of the COBJJ Tribe. I’m in seacrh of a new tribe now which has been tough. I found a good spot but it’s a haul for me. Now comes the priority question, can I move closer to ensure I can train regularly, or find another place closer. I’ll keep you guys posted.Congratulations on the Brown Belt, that is a huge mile stone. I know you live BJJ as a journey and not a destination, so looking forward to rolling with that shinny new belt again soon. Keep up the BLOG, I like it and will subscribe.Later,Scott

  • Fellipi On 24/2/2015 @ 03:15 PM

    I just started my blog about a week ago. The basic idea is to doemucnt my workouts/some of my nutrition that are the main things I’m working on to improve my BJJ game. I’d like to include more pictures eventually but right now I’m just trying to get myself in the mindset of blogging. The workouts are pretty good and I’ll start talking more about jiu jitsu after I figure out what I’d like to do with that part of the blog. I’m a blue belt under Zaid Mirza in Jordan and I’m currently training as i go to school in California, this blog will hopefully show the steps it takes me to get some medals in some major tournaments!

  • Christy On 03/4/2015 @ 02:52 PM

    Just freakin’ aseowme, Jason. I can see speeding that thing up a little, extending it out (maybe adding a couple more elements) and turning it into a complete flexibility/cardio workout another Jason body-weight flow , if you will, that will leave your tongue hanging out lol. Thanks for another dose of that Jason ingenuity!

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