ABJJ (Anchorage Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)


The first step in starting your training is to decide what you want to get out of it. Our programs allow a member to achieve several different goals. Here are some suggested training plans depending on your goal.

Weight Loss

This is an easy goal to work into your schedule since all of our classes have cardio in them. You could burn 500-1000 calories in a typical class. By coming in four times a week and cleaning up your diet most people quickly see benefits. We have had many members lose 20lbs, and some even have lost 50lbs. It’s not easy but it’s effective.

High Level Conditioning

While weight loss can occur in the aerobic heart range level of 130bpm high level conditioning works anaerobic levels of 170bpm. It’s the difference between a jog and sprinting. Many BJJ and MMA applications benefit from high level conditioning.

Sample Training Plan:

  • Monday: BJJ-All Levels
  • Tuesday: MMA
  • Friday: Submission Grappling
Basic Self-Defense

If your goal is to learn techniques for self-defense you are going to want to mix your BJJ classes with some Intro to MMA classes.

Sample Training Plan:

  • Monday Muay Thai
  • Tuesday: BJJ – All levels
  • Thursday: BJJ-All levels
  • Friday: Submission Grappling


If you are interested in MMA and maybe taking a fight someday or just want to try it out you are going to need to learn BJJ and MMA as well as improve your cardio. Fundamentals are important and that takes time, you should try to train at least four times a week.

Sample Training Plan:

  • Monday: BJJ-All Levels
  • Tuesday: Wrestling
  • Wednesday: BJJ-All Levels
  • Friday: Submission Grappling

If you have had some MMA fights or have lots of experience in boxing or one of the other main MMA styles you can talk to the Head MMA coach about working with the Pro team. The Pro team trains more than the casual student so you should be prepared to work hard.

You’ll want to plan on attending all four MMA classes each week plus at least three BJJ classes. Most of the Pro team comes on nights where they can train BJJ and MMA back to back for one four hour class.

These are just some possible training plans. Talk to an instructor and we will help you build a plan for your goals.